Forget Me Not Frances is a 501(c)(3) agency that provides support to mothers navigating the loss of a child due to stillbirth or miscarriage.


The planning of Forget Me Not Frances was started in July of 2020 after Seth and Delaney Crawford welcomed their beautiful baby girl, River Frances, into the world as an unexpected stillborn. “The days immediately after I delivered River were such a blur, but the one thing that stands out to me the most was that my doorbell rang continuously,” said Delaney. The doorbell rings, more often than not, were for flower deliveries from the many that loved sweet baby River already. “When I felt like seeing no one, the love and prayers our family was being showered with became so apparent to me through everyone’s notes.” Delaney was reminded of the family and friends that had their arms around her family, without a single spoken word.


Forget Me Not Frances and the Crawford family would like to share our love and prayers with mothers as they go through this incredibly difficult journey. Grieving the loss of a child is both unexplainable and often times incommunicable, but as these women go through the process with their family – we want them to be reminded that they are not alone in their grief. Through Forget Me Not Frances, our organization will deliver flowers to mothers in Tarrant County that are experiencing loss while they are in the hospital. We will also provide resources to these mothers in their postpartum days, such as post-natal care, pre-natal care if they are to become pregnant again, as well as grief counseling and faith-based counseling services at no cost to the mothers.